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AESA President Shirajian Meets with Archbishop Nersisyan and Administrators of the Newly Built Krikor Nargatsi School in Moscow

The president of the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA), Mr. John-Emmanuel Shirajian, met in Moscow with His Eminence, Archbishop Yezras Nersisyan on July 2, 2018. Archbishop Nersisyan is the Primate of the Russian and New Nakhichevan Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The meeting took place in the complex of the Holy Transfiguration Mother Cathedral of Moscow. In attendance were Mr. Vardges E. Kirakosyan, Chairman Advisor of the Republic of Armenia State Committee of Science, and Engineer-Inventor Mr. Gregory V. Seropyan, board member of the State Committee of Science of the Republic of Armenia.

Mr. Shirajian toured the new, state-of-the-art Krikor Nargatsi School located in the Holy Transfiguration complex. Mr. Shirajian was elated and proud of the quality of this modern facility. “This unique institution is an inviting, esthetically-pleasing facility. Moreover, it is a very functional one,” he stated. He commended the principal for equipping the laboratories with the latest computers and robotic kits. In his opening remarks of the meeting Mr. Shirajian also described some of the activities of AESA. The president paid special attention to the Science Olympiad. Mr. Kirakosyan, a physicist by training, committed to participating in the upcoming Science Olympiad in March 2019. His Eminence Archbishop Nersisyan elaborated on how the Christian ethos of persistence, resilience, and dedication to others is the same ethos required to succeed as a scientist. Mr. Shirajian thanked His Eminence for his generous hospitality, and invited him to the 35th Annual Gala bestowing the Victor Hambartsumyan medal upon Dr. Prof. Yuri Oganesyan.

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