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Programs and Committees

Our Programs and Committees

Our programs are brilliantly diverse and expertly developed. Whether you’re a student or a professional member, we have something to help guide you on your path to greatness.

Asking us to choose a favorite program is like asking us to pick a favorite child. We just can’t. They are all excellent in their own way. Each one is carefully created to guarantee its participants come away fully informed and equipped for a successful future in STEM. So, get involved in one or more of the programs below. You can’t go wrong!

STEM Academy

The STEM Academy’s mission is to establish a global platform to centralize and expand AESA’s mission of mentoring young students to facilitate STEM knowledge.

Environmental Committee

The AESA Environmental Committee was established in 1988 to provide assistance to Armenia by evaluating and solving environmental pollution problems, raising environmental awareness, and championing programs that would have a long-term effect on improving the environment.

Research & Development

The mission of the R&D group is to support and facilitate Research and Development in the Armenian STEM community worldwide through funding, mentoring, scientific events, and networking.


The Mentorship Committee serves as a vital component within our organization, dedicated to facilitating meaningful mentorship relationships that support the personal and professional growth of our members. Comprised of passionate individuals committed to fostering a culture of mentorship, the committee oversees the planning, implementation, and evaluation of mentorship programs and initiatives.