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Environmental Committee

Environmental Committee

The AESA Environmental Committee was established in 1988 to provide assistance to Armenia by evaluating and solving environmental pollution problems, raising environmental awareness, and championing programs that would have a long-term effect on improving the environment. The first activity of the Committee was sending a team of five environmental specialists to Armenia in 1988 for conducting a two-week fact-finding mission. 


Since then, the Committee has organized several workshops and lectures throughout Los Angeles and Yerevan and members have provided assistance to governmental and non-governmental environmental bodies in Armenia in various fields. Committee’s major projects in Armenia have been:

  • studying lead in blood,
  • developing environmental studies textbooks, 
  • planting 130,000 fast growing trees for firewood and lumber production (the largest project AESA has completed based on scope and budget).

The “Green Armenia” environmental group was established in 2013 to help raise awareness to provide scientific expertise related to environmental issues in Armenia. Its mission is to help preserve the natural environment of Armenia, work towards its rehabilitation, attain sustainable use of natural resources, and strive to eliminate or prevent any activities that could adversely impact the environment

Environmental Committee Team

Areg Gharabegian
Environmental Committee Co-Chair
Angineh Shahnazarian
Environmental Committee Co-Chair

Green Armenia Activities / Projects

July 23, 2013

Wine and cheese fundraiser at the Shoghart Gallery on July 23, 2013, where environmental issues in Armenia were presented and an environmental video was shown. More than 200 people participated.


September 22, 2013

Organized a walkathon in Glendale on September 22, 2013 for the occasion of Armenian Independence Day to raise awareness and raise funds for the environmental projects in Armenia. 


August 7, 2015

Provided financial support to Honey Fair in villages of Teghut and Shnogh to develop a sustainable alternative economic development in 2013.

Public discussion organized by Green Armenia, Armenian Renaissance, and Pan-Armenian Environmental Front about environmental disasters in Armenia, on October 17, 2013.

Actively involved in meetings and discussions with Lydian International and Geoteam in 2014 regarding the Amulsar Gold Mine Project.

Fundraiser and lecture regarding environmental issues in Armenian on August 7, 2015 in Brand Park.

October 2017

The Green Armenia Fellowship Program in 2017, to support and sponsor ideas, products, films, or enterprises created to spread environmental preservation among the population of Armenia. The winner was provided with access to Impact Hub Yerevan’s facility, as well as a monetary grant towards the cost of the project. 

In October 2017, the “Fests Go Green” project by the Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities (ISSD) NGO was selected as the winner of the fellowship program. Within this project, the team organized proper waste management during the festivals. The project aims towards waste management and public education at the Areni Wine Festival as well as any future festivals. The pilot project was implemented during Areni Wine Fest 2017 during which around 30,000 participants had a chance to sort their waste during the whole event (first time in Armenia). The ISSD NGO has become a major player in the field of recycling in Armenia. They have collection bins in different locations in Yerevan and inside large commercial buildings. This all began with Green Armenia’s initial fellowship grant.