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Scholarships and Awards

AESA Graduate School Scholarships

AESA thrives to engage Armenian youth in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and create and provide a medium of career and educational advancement for college graduates and young professionals. AESA, therefore, has creates the Graduate School Scholarship program. This $3,000 scholarship is offered every year to any Armenian graduate student involved in a thesis/dissertation program in an accredited university. The scholarship is sponsored annually by generous donors, sponsors, and stakeholders. Below you will find a brief summary of the criteria for applicants:

Application submission deadline is June 30. 

Be of Armenian descent

Graduate studies scholarship only

The educational institution must be an accredited one

The applicant must write a 1500 word essay to present the research. This means non-thesis MSc/Ph.D. programs are not going to be eligible for the scholarship. GPA is not accounted for the award, however, the research topic is.

The applicant must be able to provide letters of recommendation

Applicant must hold a presentation/lecture at AESA when the research project is completed

In March of 1994, the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) Research and Education Committee established an award to recognize Armenian engineers and scientists worldwide for their technical excellence. The award was named after the renowned scientist Victor Harmbatsumyan who was the first recipient in a ceremony held in Armenia. This act thrusted AESA into immortalizing one of the most prestigious and most recognized scientists of Armenian descent in the world.  Since the inception of the award it is customary to bestow this award every year to an Armenian scientist/engineer who has high accomplishments and recognition and is an exemplary scientist/engineer to all peers. 

Award Process
  • The Awards Committee receives solicited names from AESA members worldwide.
  • This committee reviews the accomplishments of the suggested scientist/engineer and recommends a finalist.
  • The award is presented during an AESA gala, award ceremony, mixer, or other festivities and every attempt is made for the recipient of the award to be present in person.