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AESA and Salmast Heritage Association Host Exclusive Event Honoring Dr. Narek Gharibyan

AESA and Salmast Heritage Association Host Exclusive Event Honoring Dr. Narek Gharibyan

The Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) and the Salmast Heritage Association proudly presented an exclusive event honoring Dr. Narek Gharibyan (link:, a distinguished young scientist with Salmast ancestry. The invitation-only event took place at the AESA Affiliate location, Academy USA, in Glendale.

The evening commenced with welcoming remarks by AESA President Linda Megerdichian and Salmast Heritage Association Vice President Laura Atoian, who introduced their respective organizations and highlighted their missions and contributions to the community. Dr. Mardy Kazarians, Past President of AESA, had the honor of introducing the evening’s distinguished guest, Dr. Narek Gharibyan.

Dr. Gharibyan, who serves as the Deputy Group Leader of the Nuclear and Radiochemistry Group at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has significantly contributed to experimental nuclear science at the National Ignition Facility. His expertise includes isotope production, chemical separations, nuclear reactions and decay properties, and the application of nuclear science for national security. Notably, Dr. Gharibyan played a pivotal role in the confirmation experiment for element 117 at GSI Darmstadt, Germany, in 2012, which led to the naming of the element Tennessine (Ts) in 2015.

The event drew over 110 attendees, including prominent members of the scientific and engineering communities. The gathering provided an opportunity for networking and celebrating the achievements of Dr. Gharibyan, whose work continues to inspire future generations of scientists.

This event was proudly sponsored by IEEE Young Professionals, reflecting a commitment to fostering the growth and recognition of young talent in science and engineering.

Picture Gallery of the Event Honoring Dr. Narek Gharibyan

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