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AESA President Meets Academician Prof. Dr. Yuri Oganesyan

Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) President Mr. John-Emmanuel Shirajian concluded a two-day visit to the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR) July 2, 2018. FLNR in the city of Dubna is one of seven major nuclear physics laboratories in the Russian Federation, each administered by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The complex has eighteen-member states, including the Republic of Armenia. Six of the states have the status of Associate Member.

Mr. Shirajian was invited to FLNR by the eminent physicist Academician Prof. Dr. Yury Oganesyan, who is also Science Director of FLNR. Prof. Oganesyan led Mr. Shirajian on an extensive tour of the facilities. Also present was Mr. Vardges E. Kirakosyan Chairman-Advisor to the Republic of Armenia’s State Committee of Science. Among Academician Oganesyan recent accomplishments, the new element 118 of the periodic table was named after him, being the only living person on the periodic table.

Mr. Shirajian was received by a number of Russian nuclear scientists, including the Director of FLNR, Prof. Dr. Sergey Dmitriev. The Director extended an open invitation to Mr. Shirajian and said that he would like to see him in the near future with a delegation representing AESA.

Academician Oganesyan was presented with an official letter from the AESA Board informing him that he was selected as recipient of the prestigious Victor Hambartsumian Award. The internationally-known leader of superheavy elements research was honored, and graciously accepted the Award. Dr. Oganesyan moreover inquired if he can be a member of AESA, to which Mr. Shirajian answered in the clear affirmative.

After conclusion of the visit Mr. Shirajian – touched by the reception he had received – said, “It was a great honor for AESA that their representative received such an overwhelming reception on the professional level, and warm hospitality on the personal one.” He added that he will always remember the Dubna visit with deep fondness and gratitude.

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