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Welcome to the New 2024 AESA Board

We are thrilled to announce the election results and welcome our newest board members to the AESA family! 🤝🔗Together, we’re ready to embark on a journey of innovation and growth.🚀 Meet the brilliant minds joining our team – each bringing unique skills and passion to elevate our mission:

  • Joe Hacobian – Board Member
  • Leo Natanian – Board Member
  • Sheerak Megerdichian – Board Member
  • Ani Aslanian – Board Member
  • Araksiya Nadjarian – Nominating Committee Chair-Elect (Araksiya will be joining the board in 2025)

These wonderful people will join the rest of the AESA Board Members for 2024.

See Board Member profiles here.

On Thursday, January 25 we held our Annual General Membership Meeting:

  • Ace Tarakchian transitioned his role and passed the baton to Linda Megerdichian, our new AESA President of 2024!
  • The event was honored by the presence of distinguished guests, including LA City Commissioner David Gevorkyan and ANCA Pasadena Chapter Chairperson Danny Donabedian.
  • Exciting news was also shared about the launch of our Public Relations Committee, dedicated to fostering connections and collaboration with government officials to bring valuable resources and benefits to our AESA members.
  • Additionally, professional headshots were taken for some of our members during the event.
  • To top off the evening, a lively meet and greet mixer was held, providing a wonderful opportunity for networking and building community bonds.

See more event pics here.













Here’s to a future filled with collaboration, impact, and success!  #NewBeginnings #BoardMembers #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #AESA #STEM #Nonprofit #armenianengineersandscientists

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