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Past Presidents Discussion Panel: A Resounding Success in Commemorating Leadership Legacy

Past Presidents Discussion Panel: A Resounding Success in Commemorating Leadership Legacy

March 20, 2024 – Glendale, CA. The Past Presidents Discussion Panel convened on Saturday, March 16th, emerged as a triumph, echoing the esteemed legacies of our past leaders and fostering a vibrant community spirit.

Linda Megerdichian, the incumbent President, set the tone with the following opening statement.

“Today, we gather not only as individuals tied by the common thread of our organization but as a community that shares a deep respect for the legacy left behind by our past presidents. This is an opportunity to reflect upon their lives and contributions, where we find inspiration.

As we stand here in this moment, let us pay tribute to the memory of Harout Barsamian (president in 1990), Stepan Karamardian (president in 1992), and Vahagn Gregor (president in 1993), the remarkable leaders who are not among us anymore, but their legacy lives on.”

“We have adopted the new name Armenian Engineers and Scientists Association, hence we are more globally inclusive,” said Ace Tarakchian.

Moderated by Armond Davidian, Treasurer and event moderator, the panel offered a unique opportunity to glean insights from these luminaries.. Their shared wisdom illuminated the path forward, inspiring all in attendance.

Armond Davidian’s adept moderation ensured the discussion remained engaging and enlightening, facilitating a dynamic exchange of idea.

From left to right (name and year of presidency):

Linda Megerdichian – Current President, Ace Tarakchian – 2023, Aram Ter-Martirosyan – 2022, Dr. Ara Chutjian – 2018, John Emmanuel Shirajian – 2017, Razmik Gharakhanian – 2015, Dr. Marina Guevrekian – 2014, Dr. Mardy Kazarians – 2013, Noel Drorian – 2005, Eddie Atoian – 1999, Serge Adamian – 1996, Sarkis Barkhoudarian – 1994, Ohan Armenian – 1989

We extend heartfelt gratitude to all past presidents, including those not captured in the picture: Vazgen Ghoogassian (1998, 2000), Levon Thorose (2002), Vrej Agajanian (2014), and Richard K. Ohanian (2020-2021), whose enduring impact continues to enrich our community.