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“Project Management” lecture at VTC with Eddie Atoian

Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) started providing lectures at Vanadzor Technology Center (VTC) in Armenia, on September 14th, 2017.

Mr. Eddie Atoian, the past President of AESA, a specialist in Electrical & Power Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, and Industrial & Commercial Development. He shared his professional expertise in Project Management with students and employees of VTC and National Polytechnic University of Armenia.

VTC was established one year ago. Its mission is to expand Information Technology (IT) industry in Vanadzor. It teaches children and students, helps startups to structure and organize their companies. Project Management lecture was a great opportunity for VTC students and employees to learn the modern way for developing their businesses.

Mr. Atoian especially talked about project management for IT projects. The main point that he presented was that every action should be planned in advance, including the required manpower, facility, equipment and financial resources, as well as contingency plans. He stressed that this is the most successful way to reach expected targets of any business.


Mr. Atoian also visited VTC’s machine park, co-working space, 3D and programming laboratories. Mr. Atoian stated that VTC has a huge potential to make Vanadzor the cradle of IT and virtual industries in Armenia. Every year,  dozens of programming students graduates every from VTC. VTC also teaches elementary programming skills to hundreds of children collaborating with Yandex School, Kodu Lab, and other educational centers.

Several foreign companies have already opened their branches at VTC. Mr. Atoian visited them   and discussed their plans and perspectives, as well as the possibility of cooperation with AESA.

Seeing the  great enthusiasm of Vanadzor youth, Mr. Atoian expressed his desire to continue arranging more workshops in future.

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