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AESA Communique on Recent Events in Armenia

11 May 2018

The Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America sends its heartfelt thanks to the Armenian People for insisting on fair and honest representation in its government. AESA especially congratulates its enlightened and bold leader, newly-elected Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, for unifying the voice of the people, thereby allowing them to transform their boundless energy into well-channeled, peaceful paths of growth and renewal. Praise is also due for the restraint and care shown by the Armenian Army, and by the various City Police Departments, in carrying out their duties for the safety of all.

Under the firm leadership of PM Pashinyan a steady course may now be charted to wrest the monopolization of Armenia’s economy and political power from control of the few, to the betterment of all. This will, in particular, strengthen the science and engineering infrastructure of the Nation by ensuring expanded education for its brilliant people, forestall their further loss by emigration, and provide a magnet for attracting those in the Diaspora.

AESA Board

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