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Exploring Engineering City in Yerevan: A Hub of Technological Advancement

A recent visit to the Engineering City in Yerevan provided a firsthand look at the impressive strides being made in onsite manufacturing, thanks to the dedicated efforts of key figures like Director Aram Salatian and Project Manager Marina Saguinian. The expansion initiatives showcased notable progress across various domains, including a state-of-the-art Automotive Sensors Simulation center, a cutting-edge CNC Machine shop, and advanced Anechoic testing chambers.

A Glimpse into Engineering City’s Innovations:

The Automotive Sensors Simulation center, spearheaded by the hardworking team led by Mr. Aram Salatian, reflects the commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. The Hi-tech CNC Machine shop and Anechoic testing chambers further underscore the city’s dedication to staying at the forefront of engineering excellence.

A Journey Through Engineering City’s Museum:

Beyond the technological marvels, Engineering City offers a journey through history with its captivating museum. Featuring exhibits on Soviet, present-day, and diaspora Armenian scientists, the museum pays tribute to luminaries such as Dr. Damadian, Dr. Terzian, Dr. Ardem Patapoutian, and astronaut John Bagian. This enriching experience provides visitors with insights into the rich scientific heritage of the region.

Challenges and Opportunities in Light Manufacturing:

One notable aspect observed during the visit is the small-scale light manufacturing capacity of the machine shop at Engineering City. The urgent appeal from the director for foreign business highlights the need for external collaborations to bolster the local manufacturing sector. AESA members are keenly invested in supporting this cause, pledging to offer advice and explore opportunities for overseas manufacturing contracts.

AESA’s Role in Engineering City’s Advancement:

Members of AESA, hailing from the West Coast, Boston, and the NY-NJ area, were set to participate in this year’s “Engineering Week” conference, scheduled for October 6-7-8. The conference, supported by the High-Tech Ministry of the Republic of Armenia, aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange. Unfortunately, due to the turmoil in Artsakh, the conference had to be canceled for the year. However, AESA’s commitment to advancing Engineering City remains steadfast, and efforts will continue to promote international cooperation and business partnerships.


The visit to Yerevan’s Engineering City provided a glimpse into a thriving hub of innovation and technological progress. The dedication of individuals like Director Aram Salatian and Project Manager Marina Saguinian, coupled with AESA’s commitment to support and promote the city on the global stage, bodes well for the future of Armenia’s engineering landscape. As the world navigates challenges, collaborative initiatives like those envisioned by Engineering City and supported by organizations like AESA are essential in fostering growth, knowledge exchange, and the continued evolution of the engineering field.

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