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Armenian Youth Foundation Supports the Expansion of the Armath Engineering Lab in the US

The Armenian Youth Foundation (AYF) awarded a grant totaling $3,072 to our organization funding equipment to enable expansion of the Armath program. The Foundation’s mission is to preserve Armenian heritage by proudly supporting a variety of youth programs. Since 1973, it has awarded more than $780K in grants to
over 20 organizations and Armenian schools. Learn more about the impact of the Foundation on our community and how you can support it by visiting

The first Armath lab came to California just a few months ago, opening its doors to youth who want to pursue a comprehensive engineering education outside the classroom. Since then, the flagship lab located in a modern, well-equipped facility in Glendale has generated significant interest and success within the Southern California Armenian community – the largest one outside of Armenia. AESA has sponsored and supported the establishment of the first Armath lab in California.

Armath Engineering Laboratories, which started in Armenia 10 years ago, provides interactive after-school classes and activities to children and teens aged between 10 and 18 years. The program starts with basic programming and helps students explore different areas, from robotics to production. There are no pre-requirements or skills needed to enroll, and one of the guiding philosophies of the project is to uncover the potential of every student through individualized coaching.

Engineering is an especially important field to develop in Armenia, given the advances in modern technology and the ever-increasing need for innovation to meet the security and economic needs of a country with limited natural resources.

Beyond its mission to advance an important field, Armath’s story is about the potential for a real and meaningful collaboration between the Diaspora and Armenia. Armath shows that a new strategic relationship can develop based not only on what the diaspora communities have to offer to the homeland, but also the other way around.

In the short amount of time that Armath’s flagship lab has been open in Glendale, California, the lab has already enrolled dozens of students and is planning its first ever summer cap from July 17-21, 2023. The camp will combine almost three months’ worth of curriculum into one week. Registration is currently open on AESA’s official website.

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