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Armen Minassian’s Lecture on the Transformative Role of Armenian Architects in Contemporary Iranian Architecture

On May 9, 2024, distinguished architecture, professor, urban designer, Armen Minassian delivered a compelling lecture titled “Transforming Contemporary Iranian Architecture: The Pivotal Role of Armenian Architects.” The event explored the significant contributions of Armenian architects to the evolution and modernization of Iranian architecture from the middle of the Qajar dynasty through to the Islamic Revolution.

Minassian’s lecture included 30 years of his research and provided an in-depth analysis of the architectural developments in Iran during this transformative period. He highlighted the critical role that Armenian architects played in Iran’s modernization, particularly during the era spanning from the Constitutional Revolution to the Islamic Revolution.

In his concluding remarks, Minassian emphasized the far-reaching impact of these architects, noting that their influence extended beyond Iran’s borders and contributed significantly to the global advancement of modern architecture.