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Cosmic Ray Division (CRD) at Mt. Aragats

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  • The Cosmic Ray Division (CRD) of Alikhanyan National Laboratory Center at Mt. Aragats is a high altitude (3200 meters above sea leve) research station of physics in Armenia. The CRD has developed a network of particle detectors to researc solar-terrestrial connections and space weather issues.
  • CRD is one of the world’s largest institutions investigating many aspects of cosmic ray physics and one of their new ventures is studying the particle acceleration in earth’s atmosphere. The Aragats Space Enviromental Center facilities continually measure fluxes of neutral and charged secondary cosmic rays incident on Earth’s surface. CRD was first to measure the energy spectra of electrons and gamma rays from the particle avalanches produced in the thunderstorm atmosphere.
  • AESA presidents visited the Yerevan Physics Institute (YPI), Ambert, and Mt. Aragats Cosmic Ray Research Station
  • The Head of the CRD and Director of the Yerevan Physics Institute (YPI) Dr. Ashot Chilingarian