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Sheerak Megerdichian


Sheerak Megerdichian studied urban design at the Art University of Isfahan and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Berkeley. He gained valuable experience in software engineering, particularly in research and development for the entertainment and satcom industries. He has earned a few awards in mathematical competitions such as AMATYC in both Iran and the USA. Additionally, he has volunteered and founded various clubs during his time in school, such as Berkeley Hyperloop and the coding club at GCC, and has contributed to event planning for AESA.

His vision for AESA places a strong emphasis on strategic planning and precise execution. He advocates for a comprehensive approach that encourages collaboration and offers concrete incentives, such as job search platforms, mentorship programs, and professional development opportunities, to attract individuals of all generations to AESA. He would like AESA initiatives to prioritize effective marketing, aligning with our organizational goals, as a fundamental element in appealing to a diverse audience.

He is committed to recognizing and addressing the unique needs of different demographics, both in the diaspora and at home, through well-thought-out multi-stage plans. By doing so, AESA can create a robust organizational framework that stands the test of time and becomes a bridge connecting various diaspora
communities, fostering collaboration and unity, and extending AESA’s reach and presence far and wide.