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Linda Megerdichian



Linda Megerdichian holds a B.S. degree from Azad University and an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering – Digital and Computer Science from California State University, Northridge. Currently, she is a Digital Hardware Design Engineer, designing digital logic for high-speed signal processing devices. She is also the Director of Curriculum Development at a private tutoring company and as of August 2019, founded her own tutoring company, Find Tutors Now. During the past year, Linda initiated the Yeram Armenian Recitation program for students to develop public speaking and stage performance skills. She has been serving as Secretary on the AESA Executive Council since 2019. Since January 2019, Linda and her team have also established and have been leading the AESA Leadership and Entrepreneurship Academy (ALEA) which was one of the most successful initiatives of 2019. She wishes to bring the STEM community together to create a stronger network of Armenian scientists and engineers who continue to support and empower one another.