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Karen Tonoyan


Karén Tonoyan is an intellectual property and business attorney with a passion for technology and innovation. He has worked in the IT field as well as the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where he specialized in electronic and electro-mechanical devices. Although Karén drafts and prosecutes patent applications across a wide range of fields, including Wi-Fi, 5G, smart devices, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, cloud computing, visual and voice recognition, microchips, cybersecurity, video games, and networking, he also protects the interests of content creators, entertainers and startup entrepreneurs. He counsels clients on business strategies, trademarks, patentability, infringement, and liability issues and helps clients develop successful intellectual property portfolio development strategies. Karén is fluent in Russian and Armenian having briefly served as a court interpreter in those languages, and is also conversant in Spanish, Ukrainian, and Turkish. He currently works at Lowenstein Sandler LLP after gaining experience at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and at several local and regional law firms.

Karén has participated in and served in leadership roles for a variety of Armenian youth, community, and professional organizations. His experience integrating into the Diasporan Armenian community in the US as an immigrant provides a unique perspective gained through participation in and service to Armenian organizations that differ widely in size, internal structure, fields of operation, decision-making methods, and communication strategies. Through planning and execution of various endeavors ranging from cultural and religious programs, to educational and lobbying efforts, as well as those aimed at collaboration and coordination among Armenian youth and professionals, Karén has encountered a broad spectrum of challenges, many of which epitomize the difficulties faced by the Diaspora and the Armenian nation in general. However, the same challenges also highlight the tremendous potential and endless talent of the Armenian nation that can be brought to bear on the complex situations that we find ourselves in today. As a representative of the Armenian Bar Association and the Armenian Scientists and Engineers of America in the United AIO collective, he would like to encourage everyone to actively seek out opportunities to engage, communicate, and collaborate in impactful initiatives with principled respect, empathy, and zealous determination.