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Armond Davidian



Armond Davidian is an inspiring Technical and Tactical Philanthropist, as well as an Executive Management business operations Mentor, Advisor, and Consultant. He is a creative entrepreneur and technologist with a focus on business development and operations, strategic planning, risk assessment and mitigation, offering viable business solutions to his clients. With 40 years of broad experience in executive management roles,
design and automation, value engineering, innovation, continuous business process improvement, manufacturing, quality control, sales, project management, finance, complex contract and legal negotiations, he has delivered technology and products to thousands of domestic and international clients.
His 34 plus years of leadership experience prior to starting Montajj extend to the Power Generation Industry (Nuclear, Fossil, Gas, Solar) and Petrochemical/Refinery sectors, where he held the position of Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering at a major heat exchanger design and manufacturing company in the US until 2016. He established and managed key Technology and Manufacturing License Agreements with global engineering companies in Korea, India, China, and Mexico, leading diverse international teams for successful implementation, training, and operation of the licensed technology.
He is passionate about mentoring and advising technology startups, established firms, and nonprofit organizations. As the Founder/CEO of Montajj, his goal is to create an “Accelerator Platform for ALL” using AI and ML. The focus is on diversity and inclusion, helping underserved communities by democratizing access to knowledge in order to augment human potential. While he believes in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and advocates EI (Emotional Intelligence), the focus is to promote and empower PI (People Intelligence). The vision is to build a virtual cohort-based mentoring and collaboration platform to share and acquire knowledge for excellence, and to serve humanity.
He is a lifetime AESA member, demonstrating his long-term commitment to AESA by having paid his membership dues for life in advance. His mantra is: Live life with a purpose. Live to serve humanity.