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Ace Tarakchian, MBA

Past President


As an entrepreneur, Asadour “Ace” Tarakchian has founded multiple businesses in different industries including Education, Healthcare, Bioengineering, and Nonprofits. Since 2013, he has started an educational consulting firm, a mobile clinic, healthcare device company and more. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Biology from UC Irvine, where he also obtained his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), he is as versatile as the work he does and the positions he has held. A nerd at heart, Ace spent several years working in emergency healthcare services. He has a couple of research publications through UC Irvine, Cedars-Sinai and City of Hope and patents on devices. He then transitioned over to helping businesses succeed, where he found his true calling.

Ace now runs his business consulting firm out of Los Angeles and has built a history of working with and advising 100’s of businesses and organizations from startups to enterprises internationally and throughout the United States assisting with raising capital, pitch decks, financial analysis, projections, business planning, operations management, financing, contract procurement, and business development.

When he’s not running his firm, he’s a goofball that loves cooking, making cocktails, riffing on his guitar, swimming, hiking, learning about new cultures and languages, binging TV/movies, and holding impromptu barbecues with family and friends.