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16th AESA Science Olympiad – March 5th, 2017. 

We are inviting Armenian students from 6th to 12th grade to participate in the 16th Annual Science Olympiad 2017 at CSUN Northridge Center! We are looking forward to see you all there along with your science teachers, parents and mentors who help you with creating your project. We at AESA Science Olympiad Committee are excited about the upcoming event on March 5th, 2017.

Please REGISTER online here to enter your project info. 

If you are interested in having a mentor to guide you, please fill out the request form: 

Student Project Information for Mentorship

See the Flyer and help us spreading the word. Don’t forget to visit the website often for more inspiring ideas and helpful information. 

Good Luck!

AESA SO Committee


Explore the links below to help you with project ideas, how to better prepare for your experiments, what data to collect and what projects are usually considered best…

How to do a science fair project – from NASA JPL website



Overview of the Top Science Competitions


To participate in AESA Science Olympiad, Students are encouraged to work on a Science Project of their choosing, be ready to showcase their own Research, Experiments and findings on a Board/Poster along with supporting materials, folder and photos/videos, and practice their Presentation.    

This time SOC is trying to focus on Mentorship and would like to have each Student to benefit from an adult Mentor’s help! That is ideally someone in addition to his/her Science Teacher, who, as we all know and truly appreciate, work hard and do the most difficult part of guiding kids in the classroom. Teacher doesn’t have a luxury of giving enough individual attention to all though, so here is where a role of a Mentor becomes really valuable!

Dear Student, if you already have such a Mentor, because you have an Engineer, IT guru, a Doctor or other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) professional in the Family and/or among neighbors and friends, then you are lucky! Roll up your sleeves and Start asking them all your questions regarding the task at hand… Your curiosity and hard work, persistence and newly learned or developed Scientific writing and Presentation skills, will definitely pay off and will serve you well in your future life! 

We are working on contacting various Universities’ Armenian Students organizations to outreach to under-grads and graduates, STEM professionals, AESA Community at large, to join our mission in helping our bright Armenian kids shine and prepare high quality projects. With professional Mentor’s help they could be better prepared to WIN!

Good Luck!!

Svetlana Arutyunova

AESA 2016 SOC Co-Chair

Click on the word REGISTER to apply online. 

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