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Levon Paul Thorose


Levon Paul Thorose has been Chief Executive Officer of PSI LLC since 2008. He has huge experience in the field of technology development, which is being used for developing new technologies in PSI for export and worldwide sales. The marketing of Armenian technology in the United States and worldwide is handled by GII, where Levon Thorose has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2012.


Levon Thorose has been involved in various Armenian organizations such as Friends of Armenia (FOA) humanitarian organization where he joined in 1998 and has served as President. Also, Levon Thorose has been a member of Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) and served as President in 2002. During his tenure, the Science Olympiad program in AESA was launched, which shines as one of AESA’s star programs to this day. He has been a member of Knights of Vartan and served as Commander (Aspet) since 1995. 


Levon Thorose is a retired Technology Development Director from Hughes Aircraft Company in the USA’s Military Industrial Complex after serving for 30 years. Then he joined Raytheon Company and worked and resolved troubled high technology development programs for US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force before retiring from Raytheon.