While AESA was involved in Industrial projects since the 1980s, the Industrial Committee (IC) was formally established in 2000. The mission of the IC is to promote technologies to help Armenia grow and Armenian companies to  expand their technical capabilities and marketing potential.


Ruben Nalbandian
Levon Thorose
Razmik Gharakhanian
Vazgen Ghoogassian
 Dro Ghazarian

The Industrial Committee (IC) is proud to have organized the first Armenia-California Trade and Banking Conference in cooperation with the Los Angeles Consulate General of Armenia. Also, the IC and the US Armenia Business and Investment Association (USABIA) agreed to a joint program promoting critically needed technological, industrial, and economic development in Armenia. In addition AESA organized a light industry exhibit in Los Angeles featuring Armenia’s ferrite, ultrasonic, gearbox and other technologies.

The IC members, in coordination with the US Civilian Research Development Foundation (CRDF) through the US National Science Foundation (NSF), have organized grant acquisition seminars in Armenia with the cooperation of Academy of Science and other technology institutes.

The IC, in cooperation with the Consul General of the Republic of Armenia and other organizations, conducted public presentations and seminars in the US to inform AESA members, Armenian industrialist, and the public at large about the state of technology and industry in Armenia.  For several years the IC helped Armenian companies through these seminars, investor workshops, and organized trips for US investors who are interested in Armenia’s technology sector. Potential technologies and industries in Armenia were introduced to investors and sponsors from around the world. The main motivation to this is to create jobs in Armenia and reduce the “Brain Drain” problem, which is an intellectual crisis all Former Soviet Republics are confronted with as a result of the fall of the Soviet Union. The efforts of the IC bore positive results as a number of contracts and collaborations were established between US investors and Armenian Industries.
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Continuing with the momentum of the Industrial Committee, in 2002 and 2003, AESA supported State Senator Jack Scott in his effort to pass a bill authorizing the opening of a California Trade Office in Yerevan. These coordinated efforts came to fruition when, in 2004, Governor Davis signed the bill authorizing the establishment of this office.
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The Industrial Committee also participated in the “Made in Armenia” EXPO2001, and EXPO2002. And in 2004, the committee joined efforts with the Armenian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) and made history by hosting the “Made in Armenia Machinery and Tools” exhibit, which took part of the WESTEC Exposition. During its first appearance in this international event, Armenia participated with seven companies, four of which displayed their products at the booth. With over 40 years of history, and consistently attracting 20,000 visitors and over 600 exhibitors, WESTEC is considered to be the largest manufacturing exposition in North America. The exhibition was a success. It attracted the attention of many visitors and distributors. More than 200 sales leads were generated for the exhibiting companies and more than 700 product brochures were distributed.
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AESA visited Karabagh a number of times and met the President, Prime Minister, and other local government officials who were the recipients of AESA proposals with regard to economic developments. AESA proposed to design and install a telephone system in the Mardakert region of Karabagh to bring a telephone system to 41 villages. In the end, the project went to a Lebanese company but AESA was assigned to act as a technical advisor and auditor for this project. AESA also submitted a cost estimate and developed a strategy to bring electricity to the residents of the northeastern region of Karvajar in Karabagh. The government of Karabagh is currently studying the AESA proposal
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