Civil and Environmental Engineers and Geologists Positions Available

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  1. Davit Gevorgyan
    Davit Gevorgyan says:

    My name is Davit Gevorgyan, I`m experienced Aerospace Stress Engineer (Finite Element Analysis, Stress/Strength Analysis, Fatigue, Damage Tolerance Analysis) and recently arrived in US as a Green Card holder.
    1. Bachelor`s Degree in MechanicalEngineering;
    2. Master`s degree in Civil Engineering.
    Also I`ve work experience in AutoCad (at my first job in civil engineering).
    I`m keenly interested in positions, related to Stress Analysis and design, such as: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Industry.
    Please revew my Profile (Resume) and let me know, if you interested or just may hlp me.

    Thank you,
    Best Regards
    Davit Gevorgyan

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