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AESA & ARPA Jointly Sponsored Lecture

Merdinian Auditorium
13330 Riverside Dr.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Directions: 101 FWY Exit Woodman, Go North and Turn Right on Riverside Dr.

Day: Thursday, July 7
7:30 pm


Edwina Lebbie

Speaks on:

The HALO Program In Artsakh 



The 1992-94 war between Armenians and Azerbaijan over Artsakh left hundreds of minefields and battlefields littered with unexploded ordnance. Active hostilities ceased 16 years ago but the population of Artsakh continues to suffer. So far these explosive remnants of war have killed or maimed over 300 civilians, which is among the highest per capita civilian casualty rates in the world. Even where the presence of mines and cluster bombs is known and can be avoided, they cripple the economy by denying farmers the use of their land. This is one of the reasons that the people of Artsakh remain poor. Where the seeds of war have been sown, nothing grows.

The HALO Trust has been working in Artsakh since 1995. HALO’s 210 Armenian demining staff are making steady progress year after year. To date they have destroyed over 60,000 explosive items and returned 59,000 acres of land to productive use. But more remains to be done.

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About the speaker:

Edwina Lebbie joined HALO in April 2010 as the Program Coordinator. She supports HALO’s domestic program and the donor development team in the US. She has worked on HALO programs in Cambodia, Angola and Nagorno Karabakh, where she became a Level 2 Explosives Ordnance Disposal technician. Ms. Lebbie is a native of Sierra Leone and a graduate of Georgetown University, where she studied History, French and African Politics. She has also studied language, culture and politics in Tanzania and Senegal.



The lecture is made available on YouTub, click on the link below:

Horizon TV was present at the HALO lecture and has released a taping in Armenian with the following link. 


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