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Mentoring Program for College Students and Young Professionals of Armenian Descent

The event was held on Friday, March 11th, 2011, at 6:00pm at Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus, in Room 914.

Vahan Tanal, the chairman of the AESA NY-NJ Section Mentoring Committee, began the evening with a welcoming speech, introducing himself, AESA NY-NJ and the Student Mentoring Program.

Then, the 19 participating mentors each gave a 3-5 minute presentation about their careers in the fields of Engineering, Law, Health, Mathematics, Business & Finance, Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Architecture and Interior design. Afterwards, the audience was invited to ask questions regarding any of the introductions or the mentoring program.

The presentations were followed by an informal, networking hour where students and young professionals introduced themselves to the mentors. While helping themselves to snacks, they had the opportunity to speak with mentors privately.

Information was made available on financial assistance, Armenian Scholarships + Financial Aid, Young Professional, Armenian Organizations by Industry, Job Search and Career Development and Study Abroad Armenian Programs.

From the 50 participant’s feedback survey indicators, it was evident that this program was successful. Furthermore, the overwhelming suggestion was to expand the projects in other professional fields.


NY NJ Mentoring

NY NJ Mentoring



Mentoring Project Committee:

Chairman: Vahan Tanal, AESA NY-NJ
Co-Chairman: Rubik Asatryan, AESA NY-NJ
Malvina Mardirosyan, ASA Fordham University
Grant Petrosyan, President ASA Fordham University
Nurhan Becidyan, AESA NY-NJ
Harold Takooshian, Fordham University
Hovhannes Mardirossian, AESA NY-NJ
Anahid Andonian, AESA NY-NJ


Report Prepared by: Grant Petrosyan and Aram Setian, President AESA NY-NJ