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Corporate Members:

Corporate member dues are $500 annually. Corporate members will receive our newsletter, e-mail announcements for events, discounts on AESA events and have the opportunity to network and mix with other Armenian professionals.

Corporate members will enjoy the following privileges with regard to the AESA web site:

  • post company ads with discounted rates
  • post job openings at no cost
  • AESA will help in recruiting qualified individuals

Additionally, through AESA membership network and contacts, Corporate members will have access to:

  • engineering consultants
  • executive officers.
  • experts in a field of interest.
  • job seeking students & professionals.
  • engineering and science technologies in Armenia.
  • Non-government organization contracts/programs in Armenia.
  • researchers, scientists and specialists in Armenia.
  • research & development capabilities in Armenia.
  • tax deductible business trips to Armenia.