Civil Engineering Committee (CEC)

The AESA Civil Engineering activities began immediately after the 1988 earthquake in Armenia. The Civil Engineering Committee (CEC) would later be identified as the activities of AESA begin to multiply. The mission of CEC is to assist Armenia by providing knowledge and expertise in the field of Civil Engineering. 

Since the 1988 Spitak earthquake, AESA Civil Engineering Committee has introduced modern building and earthquake-resistant codes in Armenia's construction. In addition, AESA has been investigating various renovation projects regarding old buildings and schools in Armenia.

Currently, the Civil Engineering is taking on a new project Care4Sevan, which spun off the Dzidzernavank School Project. The goal of the Dzidzernavank School Project was to help Armenian villages properly dispose of their sewage and rescue their water tables from cross-contamination. The Care4Sevan project focuses on increasing environmental awareness and promoting sound practices to protect the environment surrounding Lake Sevan.

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