Computer Committee (CC)

Established in 1991, the Computer Committee (CC) is dedicated to helping Armenia with Computer and IT related projects. The primary mission of the CC is to facilitate networking between Armenian professionals through the implementation of computer technology and the Internet. This results in the exchange of information, sharing of common interests, upgrading of technical skills, and creation of new business opportunities among Armenian professionals worldwide.

Computer Standards

Since the early 1990s, the AESA Computer Committee has been actively involved in issues pertaining to Armenian Information Processing.

In 1994, the Computer Committee organized the First International Symposium on Armenian Information Processing with honored guests from Yerevan as well as from Armenian owned businesses in the Diaspora. In the summer of 1997, representatives from the national standards body of Armenia (SARM) and AESA attended the ISO WG2 meeting in Crete. A number of technical recommendations were adopted with regard to symbols that were used both in Armenian and other national character repertoires. The progress on ARMSCII has made it easier to address the 16-bit ISO10646 issues. It also has facilitated the sorting, editing and merging of Armenian language texts and files.
A number of initiatives by the Computer Committee followed. Based on AESA’s submissions, Microsoft took on a project to include Armenian keyboard drivers and the capability to locale information in Windows 2000 and subsequent Operating Systems.
The Computer Committee also completed a certain amount of research and compiled the findings into a knowledge base entitled “Hyekir” that can be visited on the Internet at

For more details visit CC-Archives- "Computer Standards"

Software & Network Project

In November 1992, AESA donated 10 personal computers and established a computer networking system for a newly build hospital in Spitak. The network supported a medical database, which was developed to keep medical information pertaining to its patients. AESA provided the necessary hardware and assisted in the installation of this project.

In September 1994, AESA published a 600 entry Armenian International e-mail directory. And in 2002, AESA announced the development of a web site dedicated to marketing products made in Armenia. Many Armenian companies have production capacity much greater than currently utilized. The proposed web site will provide a forum to feature their products on the World Wide Web.

The design phase, the majority of the interface, and the database engine of this project have been completed. The AESA Computer Committee is calling on software developers in Armenia to develop the web site to market products made in Armenia. Developers can be from academia or industry.

For more details visit CC-Archives- "Software & Network Projects"


Computer Drive

In 2002, AESA collected more than 180 computers for Armenia and Artsakh. The computers were tested and set up by the AESA Computer Committee and then sent to Armenia. This is a completely non-profit effort performed by volunteers.

(For more details visit CC-Archives- Computer Drive)

In 2007, the Computer Committee collected only 20 computers. In 2008, AESA's Computer Drive effort was combined with ArmEngine's Book Drive effort and a major campaign was launched jointly. See the AESA and ArmEngine Press Release for the Computer and Book Drive. Today, we need your help. If you or the companies you work for have surplus computers of Pentium IV or higher models, we would like to encourage you to donate them to AESA. We will also accept peripherals such as printers, modems, network cards and scanners as well. For the Book Drive, we are collecting university level technical books in engineering and sciences only. More details are found in our Press Release.

Together, we are making a difference in the education of Armenian children. Please extend your hand and help us continue this effort.

Contact the AESA Computer Committee at 818-547-3372 or email us at