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Research & Education Committee (REC)

Established in 1993, the mission of the AESA Research and Education Committee (REC) is to sponsor the publishing of science and technical texts in Armenia, provide grants to scientists and engineers in Armenia to generate technical products, and promote the advancement of science and engineering education in Armenia.

AESA Mentoring Program

Under the leadership of Dr. Shant Kenderian, AESA has initiated a mentorship program for college level students. The goal of this program is to help students to enhance their careers and to learn from the experiences of accomplished professionals. In this program we plan to introduce students to mentors based on interest, experience and academic degree level. The details of the mentoring program define who can be a mentee or a mentor and what is expected of the participants. As you can see in the downloadable "Mentoring Program" document below, the mentors are provided with considerable flexibility in defining their level of involvement.  

 Download: Mentoring Program 

We urge our professional colleagues to look into this program and consider participating at some level.  Please review the attached document and contact Dr. Kenderian using the email address shant@jhu.edu If interested mentors and mentees will be asked to provide some basic information as shown below:



Mentor’s Name
 Highest Degree Obtained

[   ] BS                       [   ] MS                        [   ] PhD               

 Phone # 


Mentee’s Name
 Degree Sought

[   ] BS                       [   ] MS                        [   ] PhD               

 Phone # 
 Research Interest
 Preferred Industry
 Metropolitan area Targeted




Environmental Textbook

The AESA Research and Education Comittee collaborated with ARPA to print ecology and environmental awareness textbook for Armenian universities. AESA transferred funds to Armenia during 2007 and early 2008. 



If you would like to sponsor the publication of university textbooks in theArmenian language, please contact AESA.