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Student Committee (SC)

Established in 1999, the AESA Student Committee (SC) provides networking opportunities, career advice, and internship programs for university students and assists them with their job search. 

The main objective of the SC is to increase the employment potential for university students who seek job opportunities in industry. The committee creates a forum for students through a number of annually organized Career Day events. Through these events, students learn how to refine their resumes and improve their job interviewing skills. They are also provided with the opportunity to meet with recruiters, corporate managers, and hiring company representatives. As members of AESA, students will have ample opportunity to network with professionals through our social events. AESA e-mails will circulate notices regarding hiring companies, job postings, and resumes of individuals who are seeking employment.

AESA is fully dedicated to this cause. The success of the SC in this effort is not only rewarding in itself, but will serve our community in many ways and will lead to the success of our organization in a direct or indirect way.

In Nov 2007, The Boeing Company of Long Beach agreed to collaborate with AESA to provide internship programs for its student members. By the end of February 2008, this collaboration resulted in two hires, one as a permanent employee and the other as an intern. On average, it costs corporations $28,000 to find, recruit and hire qualified individuals. Therefore, while we serve our student membership, AESA is also providing valuable services to hiring corporations. We look forward toward more collaborations with other major corporations in the US.